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Guide to new roof installation for high-rise buildings
May 23, 2022 at 9:30 PM
Image of skyscrapers that need to have new roofs installed in Philadelphia.

High-rise buildings aren’t immune to the wear and tear of weather, wind, and age on their structures. Just as with small commercial establishments and homes, high rises need to have their roofs replaced. However, unlike smaller buildings, those over ten stories present unique restoration, repair, and construction challenges.

Only by working with a skilled roofing contractor with experience working on skyscrapers can property managers feel confident the new roof will be up to contemporary codes. If a high-rise roof shows signs of degradation, it might be time to invest in a new roof. Here’s a general guide for new roof installation for high-rises.

New roofs must meet modern building codes.

Many building codes change by the time a high rise is due for a new roof. Any replacement must meet the updated building codes. Depending on the original contractors, there may be errors or construction faults in the original design. The advantage of experienced and skilled roofing contractors is that they will not just replace the existing roof but ensure it meets new codes. Taking extra care with the installation helps a roof last for years before needing repair or replacement.

There are unique challenges to installing a new roof on a high-rise.

Housing for equipment

Unlike residential buildings, commercial high rises need structures for building HVAC equipment, elevators, ductwork, and communications systems. Because of the extent of equipment on the roof, there are unique challenges and intricacies in replacing roofs for high-rises. Commercial roofing contractors must protect any equipment to ensure its ongoing operation during the installation process.

Flat roof materials

Flat roofs for commercial buildings and high rises use materials and roof installation processes that are very unlike those for residential buildings. When choosing a contractor, ensure they have experience with:

  • Granulated modified rubber roofing
  • Silicone roofing
  • Fibered aluminum roof coatings

A roofing contractor with experience in flat-roofed buildings of any size will advise choosing the ideal material for your high rise and prolonging its lifespan with durable coatings.

Repairing underlying structures

Selecting the right roofing contractor ensures they’ll notice and repair any damages to the building. When roofers simply replace the superficial roofing material without examining and upgrading the underlying structure, property owners won’t benefit from the full lifespan of the replacement.

Do commercial roofing contractors only work on one type of roof?

Most roofing contractors, like The Roof Doctor, work on various roof types, including a variety of commercial and residential structures. Because high-rise buildings require specialized knowledge and skills, when selecting a roofer to work on a building over ten stories tall, it’s crucial to choose a roofer with prior experience.

The Roof Doctor has over four decades of experience working on high rises in Center City, Philadelphia. We can offer skilled repair, restoration, and new roof installation.

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We’re a locally owned and operated roofing contractor who backs all our services with integrity, expertise, and honesty. Our top priority is customer relationships and delivering services that exceed expectations. Our contractors have been the ones Philadelphia has trusted for repairs, replacements, and new roof installations for the past forty years. When it comes to roofing, we offer unparalleled craftsmanship and service. Don’t waste time meeting with less qualified contractors when you need work done on your commercial property or high rise. Trust The Roof Doctor to do it right and on time.

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