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Introduction to The Roof Doctor: Expert Roofers in Philadelphia
May 12, 2022 at 5:00 AM
Construction worker standing on roof

There are few more important parts of your home than your roof. A structurally sound roof keeps your home safe from elements and comfortable to live in. But roofs are often taken for granted until an issue arises.

The Roof Doctor has been committed to delivering exceptional customer service and cost-saving roofing solutions to the Philadelphia area since 1980. It’s our trademark professionalism and the quality of our services that have earned us our reputation. To help you learn more about the services we offer to clients and our values as a company, we put together this article.

Our Services

The Roof Doctor is a locally owned roofers company in Philadelphia. We offer a wide range of services for both roofing repairs and installation. We also offer skylight, roof windows, and sun tunnel installations and designs, and we can even repair and install roof decks!

Roofing Repairs and Installs

Over time, the integrity of a roof will decline. To keep your home in good structural health, regular roof maintenance is recommended. Routine maintenance helps ensure that you don’t end up with costly, more serious repairs in the future. And should any issue already exist, inspections and assessments are a great preventative measure. However, sometimes, the unfortunate might occur and you’re left in need of emergency repair services. No matter your situation, you can count on The Roof Doctor to deliver cost-effective, high-quality solutions that restore the integrity of your roof or help maintain its current condition.

The roofing services we offer include:

  • New roofing installs
  • Roofing repairs
  • Shingles replacements
  • Silicone roof coatings
  • Rubber roof coatings
  • Copper roofing

Skylights, Sun Tunnels, and Roof Windows

Increasing natural light with skylights, sun tunnels, or even roof windows can help lower your energy bills while providing beautiful, natural light to your home. Additionally, sun tunnels are a versatile solution that can be placed in any area of your home. From a closet to a bathroom — sun tunnels can illuminate your home in a variety of ways.

Here are the main differences between a skylight, sun tunnel, and roof window.

  • Skylight: Skylights can be both vented and fixed. While a fixed skylight is sealed and won’t open, a vented skylight allows you to open up the skylight to bring in the fresh air. Additionally, skylights often have a larger surface area than a sun tunnel and offer a greater amount of light.
  • Sun tunnel: Sun tunnels, on the other hand, move through your roof and down into the ceiling of your chosen room. Sun tunnels create a more localized light source but do not open like vented skylights. However, sun tunnels are often easier to install and less of an investment than skylights.
  • Roof windows: Skylights and sun tunnels are built into a roof and are more versatile than roof windows. A roof window needs to be installed in the same orientation and plane as the surrounding roof. Roof windows are like regular windows in that they open up and allow light through.

Whichever you choose to light up your home, The Roof Doctor can design and install a lighting solution that helps you enjoy natural light throughout the day.

Roof Decks

Roof decks provide additional living space to your home. Roof decks are great for family gatherings, having an outside barbeque, or simply sitting outside and enjoying a nice day. Our expert roofing contractors can install, repair, and design roof decks that are custom-fitted for your home.

The Roof Doctor: A Family-Owned and Operated Roofers Business Right Here in Philadelphia

For over 40 years, our services have been built on experience and integrity. All of our services are personalized for our customer’s unique needs. And, to ensure we provide the best results, we are fully insured and licensed across Pennsylvania as well as Philadelphia.

Ready to start your next roofing project? Get in touch with us for a free roof assessment.

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